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Turning left may be the most dangerous thing you do

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Personal Injury |

When it comes to driving, there may be an easy way for you to increase your safety on the road. Just decide that you’re not going to turn left.

This might sound too drastic, and it is true that most drivers will turn left without a second thought. But there are some very good reasons to think twice about it – and, perhaps, to consider making right-hand turns only, even if it takes you longer to get to your destination.

UPS trucks don’t turn left

First and foremost, consider the fact that a lot of delivery companies, such as UPS, will tell their drivers not to turn left. They are clearly focused on productivity, so you would think that taking the shortest route to their destinations would be the best option. But the risk of getting into an accident is just far too great when turning left. These companies have actually found that things are safer and more productive when the drivers do not do so except in rare situations.

Left-turn accidents for motorcycles

Another thing to think about is that left-turn accidents are one of the most common types of accidents for motorcyclists. These crashes really underscore just how dangerous it can be. When a driver turns left in front of a motorcycle, there is often only a split second for the motorcyclist to react. This isn’t nearly enough time, so these types of accidents are often unavoidable. They illustrate why making a judgment call and deciding when it’s safe to turn is not always a good option – because people are going to make the wrong call.

What if you suffer serious injuries?

You can’t always avoid turning left, so you’re going to be exposed to some level of risk. Plus, you’re at risk from mistakes made by other drivers, even if you execute the turn properly. If you wind up suffering serious injuries in such an accident, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation.