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What can drivers do to keep motorcyclists safe?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Some drivers like to portray motorcyclists as dangerous. They accuse them of popping up from nowhere, weaving unseen through traffic, or hitting ridiculous speeds. It’s true that some motorcyclists do those things, but some drivers also act dangerously.

While some motorcyclists cause their own downfall, it is often the driver they collide with that is at fault. Here are some things that drivers can do to share the road with motorcyclists more effectively:

Check behind them more

Mirrors are not just for using before maneuvering. Drivers who scan them every few seconds maintain a more accurate picture of everything happening behind them. They are more likely to know there is a motorcycle sitting in their blind spot because they saw it approaching, realize it has not passed them, so figure it must still be there somewhere.

Allow more space when passing

The bigger the vehicle and the faster it is going, the bigger the gust of wind it will produce as it passes someone on two wheels. That can destabilize the rider, making them more likely to wobble. Increasing the gap reduces the chance that leads to disaster. The same applies when there is water on the road that a car could throw up into the motorcyclist’s path.

Look twice before turning left

Intersections, where drivers make left turns, are one of the most dangerous places for motorcyclists. Drivers often misjudge an approaching bike’s speed, so a quick final check before proceeding gives them a chance to stop if they realize the bike is now much closer than they predicted.

If a driver injures you while you are on your motorcycle, seek legal help to show how their lack of care is to blame.