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Are older drivers more dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Personal Injury |

While there is no perfect age to drive, you can be either too young or too old to be at your best.

The threat young drivers pose comes from their lack of experience and maturity. That which drivers at the other end of the spectrum pose comes down to a reduced ability to see, hear, process and react.

The number of older drivers is growing as people live to an older age. Statistics for 2020 show there were already 68% more drivers over 65 than in 2000. It means older drivers present an increasing threat on the roads.

Can people decide how long to continue driving for?

There is a reluctance to legislate against older drivers, despite the safety benefits this might bring. The fact that many legislators, including the current and previous president, are in their 70s may explain this reluctance, as few people legislate against themselves.

Wisconsin requires drivers over 60 to renew their license every eight years. When they visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to do so, staff should refuse them if they do not feel it is safe to allow them to drive. Yet, as there is no requirement for retesting, medical evidence, eye tests or the like, the chances they spot that someone could be a liability is low.

What if you are in a crash with an older driver

They have a lower chance of surviving than you because people’s bodies and resilience weaken with age. That does not mean you should feel guilty if the crash was not your fault. Getting legal help to highlight why they probably should not have been driving can help you claim the compensation you will need if injured.