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In-car advertising could herald a more dangerous future

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Earlier this year, Ford Motor Company filed a patent that could result in even more injuries on the roads. If they ever use it.

The patent covers using your car’s camera to scan billboards as you drive. The technology would take something from a billboard it sees as relevant to you and flash it up on your in-car entertainment system. One minute you are looking at your electronic map to see where to turn off, then next thing you know, the Colonel is inside your car, enticing you to pull over and try his fried chicken wings.

Any distraction is dangerous while driving 

The only place you should be looking when driving is at the road, either directly through the glass or via your mirrors. The more time your eyes spend elsewhere, the more likely you are to crash. That applies whether you are looking at your kids in the back, your phone, your navigation system, or a billboard for chicken wings, real or virtual.

Some authorities use billboards for campaigns warning drivers of the dangers of distracted driving. While it is sure to catch drivers’ attention, it is more of the same. By drawing someone’s gaze away from the road, you make it more likely they crash.

Billboards are at least outside of your car. You need to look out across the road to read them. By beaming them into your vehicle, they would become even dangerous. You would need to focus inside your car and probably look down slightly. You would see even less of the road.

Distracted driving will continue to be a problem for years to come. If someone injures you in a car crash, it is essential to understand if they were paying attention to the road or something else.