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What is a leading contributing factor to pedestrian crashes?

| Sep 3, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Vehicle collisions cause permanent injury and death, especially if it’s a crash between a person and a vehicle. Pedestrian crashes often result in catastrophic injury, if not a fatality, as the human body is no match for a motor vehicle’s size, weight, and momentum. 

You are potentially at risk of a pedestrian crash every time you walk near public roads or in a parking lot. Identifying risk factors can help you limit your chances of getting hurt. 

Unsurprisingly, one of the primary contributing factors to many pedestrian crashes is also a top cause of motor vehicle collisions in general.

Alcohol is dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike

People may still feel buzzed and therefore not safe enough to drive after a night out or a party. Choosing not to drive when drunk is always a good decision. However, walking yourself home actually might not be a much safer option. 

According to data about collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, 47% of all pedestrian deaths involve alcohol. About 17% of the time, the driver involved has alcohol in their system beyond the legal limit, and 33% of the time, the pedestrian tests positive for high levels of alcohol. Sometimes, both parties have alcohol in their systems, impacting their performance and judgment. 

Having too much to drink will affect your decision-making and response time the same way when you walk someplace as it would when you drive. Learning what increases your risk of a motor vehicle collision as a pedestrian could help you reach your destination safely.