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Is birdnesting too complicated after a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Divorce |

You want what is best for your children after a divorce. You have determined that one of the best things for them is to have a stable home life. 

You’ve also started considering birdnesting as a way to give them this stability. With a plan like this, your children get to remain in the same home at all times. You and your ex are the ones who move in and out, rather than having the kids switch homes. The benefits are clear, but is it too complex?

You must be able to work together and cooperate

In many ways, birdnesting is simple, especially for the kids. There are some complex issues to consider, though, such as:

  • Where you will live when you’re not with the kids
  • Where your ex will live on their time off
  • How you will share the family home
  • Who will cover all of the expenses
  • How and when you’re going to make the exchange
  • How you’re going to divide the mortgage and other bills

For all of these issues, the key is cooperation. Birdnesting only works when parents are either on good terms or dedicated to taking on some level of discomfort so that the children can have that stable home life. You and your ex will be in constant communication. You’ll have to work together. If you know that’s not going to happen, birdnesting is not an optimal solution. 

Considering all of your options

In any child custody situation, the most important thing you can do is put your children first. Make sure you consider all of the options that you have to do so. Working with an experienced attorney can help you take an objective approach to your situation and see all the possibilities.