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How do you pick a good estate executor?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Estate Planning |

Wisconsin residents like you spend a lifetime of effort building your estate. It makes sense that your estate plan should reflect this level of care. What do you need to ensure that you have a good estate plan? You must have meticulous oversight throughout the process. 

This includes your very first big choice, which is your estate executor. After all, this person will oversee all matters of your estate after you pass. This makes them arguably the most crucial person on your team. 

Why personal compatibility is important 

Forbes discusses some of the things to look at when picking an estate executor. They say your executor must have a level of personal compatibility with you. It does not matter how good they are in the other categories. If you do not understand them on a peer to peer level, they are not the best match. After all, they are the one who handle your matters when you no longer can. You want someone who represents the way you think. You want someone who shares the same moral beliefs and principles. 

The professional duties of an executor 

Once you pick someone who you can connect with, you must focus on their professional skills. Are they organized? Can they work well with other people? Do they handle interpersonal communication well? How do they hold up in stressful situations? Can they lead a project? Do they have the time necessary to take on a task that may last years? It is as important for your executor to excel in these areas. If they do not, they might not handle the pressures of an executor well.