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How can I avoid a motorcycle crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Ideally, motorists will look out for you, but this doesn’t always happen, so you have to look out for yourself when riding a motorcycle. 

RideApart explains that there are a few defensive driving tactics you need to employ every time you ride your bike to avoid accidents. 

Keep your eyes open 

When riding, always be looking down the road for vehicles and possible obstacles. If possible, make eye contact with drivers when interacting to ensure they see you. 

Always be ready 

You should prepare to react to others on the road at any time, which requires complete focus on driving. Do not take for granted that a driver sees you or will act in a certain manner. Anticipate the moves of any vehicle you see and be ready to accommodate a driver who may not see you. Leave enough space between you and other vehicles to allow you room to maneuver quickly if needed. 

Take precautions 

You can protect yourself by always driving the speed limit. Judging the speed of a motorcycle is difficult due to their size, and drivers may not be able to properly judge your distance away from them. If you speed, it can make it even harder for drivers. 

Follow all the road laws, and make sure you are visible by wearing bright colors.  Watch out for blind spots, and stay out of them. 

Get educated 

Know your skills and do not try to drive in a way that you cannot handle. If you want to advance your skills, try taking a safety course. Practice driving in nice weather and safe situations to build your abilities with the motorcycle.