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3 Signs your spouse is hiding assets

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Divorce |

It’s no question that divorce can be stressful. Emotions run wild and the stakes are high — you want to walk away with the assets you deserve. But sometimes, those stressors can trigger vindictive behavior. A spiteful or unhappy spouse may lash out by hiding assets.

To put an end to this unfair behavior and get the settlement you deserve, there are red flags you can look out for that may indicate your soon-to-be ex is hiding assets from you.

1. Bills and financial statements no longer arrive to the house

A spouse who’s trying to hide assets will likely change the address on bank statements or other important financial documents. They may instead divert them to a different address like a P.O. box. This may be a sign that your spouse has something to hide when it comes to your shared expenses.

2. An increase in financial control

If they aren’t outwardly keeping financial information from coming to the house, your spouse might instead insist on maintaining strict control over documents like tax returns, bank statements and even online banking passwords. Even if you ask to see these documents, they may only show you the first few pages in order to placate you while hiding other information.

3. Valuable property goes missing

One of the most seemingly obvious signs is when a precious heirloom or valuable piece of property goes missing. This could include expensive jewelry or other small but valuable items whose absence you wouldn’t notice right away. A spouse might sell these items to make money that they can then hide from you.

Hidden assets can complicate a divorce and strip you of the settlement you deserve. By keeping an eye out for signs like these, you can protect yourself and your future.