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How can hands-free tech endanger you?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When Wisconsin drivers want to protect themselves on the road, what do they do? Some people do anything they can to avoid dangerous driving behaviors. For example, some may use hands-free technology. This is because they heard it cuts down on driver distraction.

But how much help does hands-free tech actually do? Today we will look at this question. We will see how much help hands-free tech offers and how it can change a driver’s experience.

Three areas of driver distraction

The National Safety Council says hands-free tech is not inherently free of risk. Unfortunately, it only targets 2 of the 3 primary areas of driver distraction. The area it does not target causes a large number of crashes, too.

Of the three areas of distraction, hands-free devices address visual and physical distractions. A visual distraction takes your eyes off of the road. A physical distraction takes your hands off of the wheel. The main purpose of hands-free tech is to keep your hands on the wheel. Voice command allows you to operate devices without looking at them.

Are hands-free devices distracting?

The problems come with cognitive distractions. These distractions encompass anything that takes your mind off of the task at hand. In this case, that task is driving. Hands-free tech allows you to operate technological devices like phones. By definition, this provides a cognitive distraction. Listening to a GPS give directions may distract drivers. So can holding conversations, even over headsets or with wireless devices.

Many drivers have a false sense of security when using hands-free tech. All drivers should understand that these devices cannot guarantee safety. They should change their driving behaviors because of this.