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What’s the difference between mild and severe road rash?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Personal Injury |

As spring arrives, Wisconsin motorcyclists start hitting the roads again. Now that motorcyclists are out and about, it is important to keep motorcycle safety in mind. Today we will look at one of the injuries associated with motorcycles. These are road rash injuries.

VeryWell Health looks at road rash injuries and the impact they have on motorcyclists. Many people only know of road rash injuries in their mildest form. When victims suffer from mild road rash, it is not a big concern. Many victims do not even go to a doctor. Professionals suggest seeing a doctor at least once to ensure the wound is clean. After that, at-home care is often enough.

Severe road rash is a different ballgame. Victims who suffer from severe road rash may find themselves lacerated to the bone. These injuries damage layers of muscle, fat and more. Victims may tear tendons and nerves. They may lose large portions of skin. This increases the chance of suffering from serious infection, like gangrene or sepsis. Not only that, but these infections set in fast because open skin leaves the body unprotected.

Victims of severe road rash often need skin graft surgery. This helps protect the body from infection and pathogens. It also helps prevent scarring. Unfortunately, many severe road rash victims have permanent disfigurement or scarring. Many also suffer from painful nerve damage. This can lead to numbness, pain and other chronic issues. The treatment is often costly and lasts a long time. In other words, severe road rash interrupts your life in more ways than one.