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How do you pick the right executor?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Estate Planning |

When Wisconsin residents work on your estate plan, select an executor as soon as possible. This person will oversee your estate after you pass on. Because of that, it is also important for them to be well-informed about your desires.

HuffPost gives you a good look at key points you should be examining when picking an executor. Their trustworthiness and personality are both important. You should be able to trust them to do everything with your best intentions in mind. You should hold similar core values and principles. In an ideal scenario, they know where you stand. They would be able to make the same decisions you would without consulting with you first. This is important because they may have to make judgment calls on your behalf after you pass on.

They should also be decent at communication and problem-solving. They will be the face of your estate. This means they will be interacting with your loved ones and family. They should be capable of remaining professional and prompt. It helps if they do not have any bad blood with prominent family members or loved ones. This is because they will have to deal with them one on one.

Finally, it is important that they are capable of handing managing an estate. It takes more than trustworthiness to be a good executor. This individual should work well under pressure and have organizational skills. They should also understand that the process can last years. Anyone starting a business venture or a new family would not be the best choices for this reason. This may narrow the options, but it is still possible.