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Are drowsy drivers dangerous?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Wisconsin drivers must all share the road. Unfortunately, not every driver engages in safe behaviors and practices. Today we will take a look at drowsy drivers. These drivers put others at risk by getting behind the wheel without having enough sleep. They are prevalent on all roads and pose a danger to everyone.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examine drowsy driving behaviors. This is a type of distracted driving. Drivers often exhibit similar symptoms. They also have similar risks. For example, drowsy drivers:

  • Are unable to detect danger
  • Cannot react to danger fast
  • Do not pay attention to the road or their surroundings
  • Drift into other lanes
  • Do not stop in time before hitting vehicles stopped before them

The difference is drowsy drivers display these behaviors due to exhaustion. Distracted drivers have other internal and external distractions.

Drowsy driving is dangerous for the same reasons other distracted driving behaviors are. Not only are they unable to react to danger, but they also have little to no control over their speed or direction. If they fall asleep at the wheel, they completely lose control of their vehicle. If they are on the freeway, a few seconds of unconsciousness may lead to disaster.

Another big danger is that anyone is capable of driving drowsy. Unlike distracted or drunk driving, no laws prevent a person from driving while tired. Many people even consider this a somewhat safe thing to engage in. This false perception of the “safety” of drowsy driving means more people engage in it. In turn, this leads to more crashes.