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Driver negligence key catalyst in many motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Driving means many things to many people.

For some, it is fundamentally an enjoyable pastime, given Americans’ age-old love affair with their cars. For others, it is a literal means to an end, getting them to and from work and everywhere else they need to go. Some look forward to behind-the-wheel time, while others view it primarily as a necessary chore.

Attitudes may differ, but driving-linked views among responsible motorists certainly coalesce around one reality, namely this: Driving is not for the inattentive.

In fact, daily news reports in Wisconsin and nationally are replete with reminders of the punishing results tied to distracted driving. The negligent behavior of some motorists — far too many drivers, say safety regulators — yields devastating consequences for legions of individuals and families who share the road with them.

Drivers in Waukesha and across the vast Milwaukee metro area well appreciate that. They know that a sizable number of their motoring peers on busy streets and freeways are often focused just as much on non-driving distractions as they are on the perils of the road.

What they might not appreciate quite as well are the sheer dimensions of distracted driving.

Candidly, the relevant facts linked with distracted driving can seem nearly incomprehensible. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration underscores that. The agency notes in an online overview that nearly 3,200 people died on roads across the country during a recently measured year because of third-party negligence.

Distracted behind-the-wheel behaviors are many and various, ranging from texting and grooming to eating and playing with pets and children. They are potentially deadly for every driver and passenger on the road.

No innocent person should have to suffer in an accident caused by another motorist. Relevant laws allow victims and their families to take purposeful and proactive action in the wake of a crash. A proven team of dedicated personal injury attorneys can help ensure that accountability is secured in such a case, and that an injured party receive maximum compensation that provides for healing, medical costs and lost wages.

We note at the long-established Waukesha law firm of Cramer, Multhauf & Hammes that car accidents involving negligence are sadly common. We also stress, though, that “getting stuck with the bill after one that was not your fault should not happen.”

We welcome contacts to the firm from individuals having any questions or concerns related to a personal injury claim.